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October 2021

Board of Directors
October 9, 2021

Meeting called to order at 9:03 by Martin Almegren

Martin Almegren – Vice President
lan Durnell – Parks and Pools Director
John Carroll – Sanitation Direoctor
Christy Hanson – Finance Director
John Kissane – Architectural Director
Karen Sanders – Secretary/Treasurer
Oscar Batiz – Operations Manager

Absent – Calvin Jones

lan brought up needing projects done. The board suggested we get people to contract for the specific projects. Martin suggested a list of projects that need to be done so we can determine volunteer versus contract

Kyle resigning. John Carroll volunteered to slide over to P&P. Suggestion to appoint someone so there are as many voted members on the board as possible.

John K nominated Bully Martinez as Roads Director. John Carroll 2nded the vote. Unanimous board vote for Bully Martinez to be Roads Director for the remainder. Up for election in summer of 2022.

Board resigned to executive session to discuss salaries.


Board of Directors Community Meeting
October 9, 2021

Martin Almegren – Vice President
John Carroll – Sanitation Director
lan Durnell – Parks and Pools Director
Christy Hanson – Finance Director
John Kissane – Architectural Director
Bully Martinez – Roads Director
Karen Sanders – Secretary Treasurer
Oscar Batiz – Operations Manager

Meeting Called to Order at 10:02


Announcement of Bully Martinez as the new Roads Director

Approval of Minutes

  • Oscar motioned to approve, Sharon M seconded. Unanimous

Approval of Finance Report

  • Charles Pipken motioned to approve; Sharon seconded the motion. Unanimous vote.

Oscar gave the Roads report

  • Ordered roads materials and started spreading about 80 tons of material in the last three weeks.
  • Oscar offered to allow property owners to spread their own materials.
  • Property owner asked about how we prioritize roads

Parks and Pools

  • lan discussed painting and other projects
  • Some volunteers some for contracting out services
  • lan discussed the idea of selling the two parks that we don’t use so we can then use the money for the tennis courts and basketball courts
  • John Kissane indicated that we can sell the parks as a block. What interpretation of the deed restrictions? Example: Recreational purposes.
  • John Kissane will present some options at the next meeting.
  • Will need to drain the water and repaint the pool so it is important to need to save about $3000 for that.
  • Will get quotes for the pool

Architectural Update

  • Community growing fast
  • Building houses
  • Three D print a house
  • Community beautification – helping to clean up the property
  • Demolish more trailers
  • Name change approved by the Secretary of State
  • Sign has been ordered..temporary sign ordered before a permanent sign can be put up.
  • Sharon asked about livestock.


  • Republic going to bring another hopper for the clean up
  • Danny is going to get rid of old boats and vehicles
  • Martin Almegren will get a sign made for the clean up 2 signs one for the compactor, one for the front
  • Sharon is willing to lead the process
  • Christy will Purchase gloves, garbage bags,

Oscar motioned to adjourn. Sharon seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 10:48.

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