OFFICE HOURS! We open at 1 pm Tuesday through Friday and 9 am Saturday.




Dear Community Members,

The Architectural Committee is urgently seeking volunteers to join the committee as there have been recent changes affecting building permits in Henderson County. This committee governs permits, fines, and notices per SB 1588.

We need more volunteers to continue the committee’s important work in improving our community’s appearance and reputation.

Please consider volunteering your time and expertise to serve on this vital committee. Together, we can make a positive impact on our community.

Thank you for your support!


Cherokee Shores POA



  1. Mobile Homes Trailers or RVs showing up without displayed permits.
  2. All trash or trash bags stored outside must be in a sealed container.
  3. Abandoned cars, cars on blocks, inoperable cars with expired registration, cars that have not been moved for over a month with grass growing around them.
  4. Trailer Skirting missing. Weeds or Grass taller than 36″
  5. Storing Building Materials on property.
  6. Property boundary violations, all boats, travel trailers, motorhomes, sheds or any other structures must be 10′ from property line. All enclosures/fencing to be 5 feet behind the front property line.
  7. All new exterior structural additions/enhancements must be of new materials, must have pre-approved permit request form.


You can report violations by filling out a complaint for during business hours.  CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS