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August 2022

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes

August 13, 2022

BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance

Calvin Jones – President

Christy Hanson – Financial Director

John Kissane – Pools/Special Projects Director

John Carroll – Sanitation Director

Excused absence (ill) – Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager

P –  motioned to appoint Lou Warren as a director until the election. The intent is to have the ability to ratify the election in case someone must be out for the annual meeting. PSPD motioned to appoint Lou Warren; SD  seconded the motion. Unanimous vote to appoint Lou Warren as a Director until the election is complete.

FD – Discussed property tax appeal. We were able to get 6 properties reduce by 90%.

FD – discussed the idea of having a contract for the Business Manager to provide continuance of services. SD motioned for a six-month Contract. Unanimous vote to approve.

SD discussed the idea of having the office open 9-5 each day. He thought this would be more helpful for residents. This is up for discussion for the next board.

Still need an election judge.

POA Meeting 10 am

P – started the meeting off with Pledge of Allegiance.

P- review/approval of August financial report

P- July minutes were not available

A brief discussion was held to inform the members that the minutes from the July meeting would be available at the next meeting due to Karen having Covid. President Calvin Jones explained procedures for the upcoming election scheduled for Saturday August 20, 2022 and took some questions about voting.

Candidates For President and Directors were then given the floor for a 10 minute period each.

Candidates for President

Robert Burroughs – Spoke and took questions for a little more than 10 minutes.

Delinda Krazer – Spoke and took questions for 7 minutes 21 seconds.

Charles Wolfer – Spoke and took questions for a little more than 10 minutes.

Candidates For Directors.

John King – Spoke and took questions for 9 minutes 54 seconds.

Sharon Milner – Spoke and took questions for a little more than 10 minutes.

Kevin Anderson – Was not in attendance and is running unopposed.

John Carroll – Spoke and took questions for a little over 10 minutes.

Mike Sims – Spoke and took questions for a little over 10 minutes

Meeting adjourned

July 2022

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes

July 9, 2022

BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance

Calvin Jones – President

Raul (Bully) Matinez – interim Roads Director

Christy Hanson – Financial Director

John Kissane – Pools/Special Projects Director (via phone)

Martin Almgren – Vice President/Interim Parks Director

Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager

Excused absence (vacation) – John Carroll – Sanitation Director

Review of proposed amended/restated Bylaws provided by attorney to align with TPC. Clarification provided by attorney of vote count pertaining to lots owned. BOD approved as written 4-0.

Discussed/finalized absentee ballots mailing and retrieval.

Discussed raising annual dues. BOD agreed to $12/year for lot 1-9 and an additions $10 for each lot starting with the 10th lot. Votes 4-0

VP – adjourn; RD, second

POA Meeting 10 am

P – started the meeting off with Pledge of Allegiance.

P- review/approval of July financial report – Delinda Krazer, motion; Sharon Milner, second; accepted as written

P- June minutes review/approval – Mr. Matthews made the motion, FD, second; accepted as written.

PSPD – withdraws resignation until after election

VP – maintenance on parks; new signs for boat docks

Jeannie Wilson acknowledges VP for contributions to the board.

RD – stack of complaints to work on (pot holes). Shawnee Circle submission into County Road Program (FD). Spearman and Coahoma completed.

John King – name change

Rory Musser – number of votes

Charles Wolfer – selling of lots

Gary Wilder – not present

Robert Burroughs – number of votes per property

Paul Debisitis – purchasing property

Motion to adjourn – Sharon Milner

June 2022

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes
June 11, 2022
BOD Meeting 9 am


In attendance

Calvin Jones – President

Raul (Bully) Matinez – interim Roads Director

Christy Hanson – Financial Director 

John Kissane – Pools/Special Projects Director 

John Carroll – Sanitation Director

Martin Almgren – Vice President/Interim Parks Director 

Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager


Discussion of Article 5, Section 1 (voting rights) of By-Laws. Mr. & Mrs. On HCAD/account – both get to vote.

Ideas for Ballots:

Separate PO Box; Paid postage return; colored envelopes, colored ballots

Mailing July 1st

August 13th is general meeting, August 20th is election

Absentee ballots must be received by August 18th

Consult Mr. Pharris and outside/unknown judge for receiving/counting of ballots





Return envelope

Not on agenda:

Ian – concern of accident on Sunray/Chicota (county road) due to no stop sign. RD to have Oscar contact Mr. Tuly.

Audio recordings of meetings posted to website. FD to purchase digital recorder; VP to train staff upload procedure.

Discussion of proposed amendments for By-Laws

PO presented to board, model of home he was seeking a permit approval for. Board granted approval to ARCC.

SD – motion to adjourn


POA Meeting 10 am


P – started the meeting off with Pledge of Allegiance. 

P- review/approval of June financial report – Diane Dasher requested clarification of “other expenses” of bad debt. Diane Dasher made the motion, multiple seconds.

P- May minutes amendment/review/approval – were accepted as written. P made the motion, second received. 

PSPD resigns as of August meeting; Buffalo Springs clean up accomplished; high bids on paving a road; volunteer to pave 4 roads – considering Kickapoo and White Deer Run.

SD – asked for cameras for sanitation yard; only household garbage accepted

PO – suggested that PO’s be allowed to volunteer/donate time for credit to account

VP – new signs for boat ramp

RD – only 2 bids for roads; Oats Land Development $22,968 for Running Brook

FD – add another $25k to $50k for road repair. Get it done.

Chip seal Indian Gap and Red Bluff Loop

Sandra Pomero – needs repair on Cherokee Shores Dr. for standing water on her drive way.

Lou Warren addressed members in regards to a job well done for the board.

John Cossman – pass

Diane Dasher – asked board for permission to put up “caution sign” for special needs children. Board approved.

Vince Parrucha – would like to see board consider doing roads.

John King – glad to see board consider CPA doing financials and to publish recordings.

Esther – do we have neighborhood crime watch

P – clarified election positions open; resumes due June 15th.

Motion to adjourn


May 2022

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes
May 14, 2022
BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance

Calvin Jones – President

Raul (Bully) Matinez – interim Roads Director

Christy Hanson – Financial Director (participated by phone)

John Kissane – Pools/Special Projects Director 

John Carroll – Sanitation Director

Martin Almgren – Vice President/Interim Parks Director (participated by phone)

Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager

P-Executive meeting was held April 6th to discuss the topics of legal procedures and employment issues. Special meeting held April 30th (copy of minutes available) discussed roads, approved Shawnee Circle to be submitting for the next road into the County Roads Program, and drew 4 roads for the community to pay for repair: White Dove Tr., Spearman, Running Brook, and Coahoma. Three companies have been contacted and are awaiting bids. Two companies came out, viewed the four roads, and are preparing bids. P made motion to submit Shawnee Circle into Henderson County Roads Program, FD second, none opposed. P discussed options for listing properties (Realtor, Tax Auction, Sealed Bids) that the community owns. PSPD suggested tax auction. BOD agreed that a realtor would be the best way. PSPD will get bid for clean up. FD/S will get realtor. P made motion to accept minutes for April 30th Special Meeting, SD second, minutes were approved. 

FD-501(c)3, motion to table, VP second. Will present to new board in August.   

PSPD-working on updating/clarification of by-laws as recommended by attorney to align with TPC and creating a legally enforceable document.

P-Saturday, Aug 20th, is election. We need volunteers to count votes, talk to Mr. Farris to oversee. FD and S, sign in sheets. FD, do a mailing separate from billing for ballot mail out to include candidate bio and by-laws clarification. July 1st to mail out ballots. Ballots to be printed, volunteers to fold, stuff, and stamp. There will be no monthly billing for July. FD suggested colored envelopes, colored ballots, and hold mail until Saturday, do not open mail T-F, and then open mail publicly on Saturday as a group. P will reach out to Mr. Farris to be our election judge, and to see if he is available for the mail openings. 

P-for the ballot, discussion of raising road fund dues and raising the road dues but splitting between the road fund and community roads. FD discussed raising POA dues, and using general fund to repair roads. New rate schedule needs to be decided and approved. The roads fund will stay as is. VP discussed adding a check box/insert to be included for volunteers and donations. 

RD-update on Mahindra-is being repaired. They are waiting on a part/motor. Moved to dissolve Road Committee because the action plan has been completed; no objections. 

P-any objections to the request of Mr. Burroughs. FD-based on the clarification of by-laws from the attorney, Mr. Burroughs should be cleared to run for BOD position. Unanimous consent was received. 


SD – motion to adjourn

POA Meeting 10 am

P – started the meeting off with Pledge of Allegiance. 

P- review/approval of May financial report – PSPD made the motion, RD second.

P- April minutes review/approval – were accepted as written. SD made the motion, VP second. 

SD- had an illegal dump on driveway at compactor, fire marshal found name/address in bags and it’s being investigated. Only taking household bagged garbage; no longer accepting bulk trash. 

P-recognized those who participated in the community clean up.

PSPD-pool staff has been hired and training is scheduled to begin; pool paint is in, plan is to have the pool drained and painted by next weekend. 

FD-collections are going really well

VP-suggested implementing a sign at boat docs “no commercial use” and permit required. Notify PO’s that they are responsible to acquiring permit for commercial use of boat docks. Inquiry of new signs at boat dock with new name. P-addressed that a PO loaned boat dock key to a commercial contractor.

RD-received second bid on action plan roads; bids will be ready for next meeting; Oscar and Ed have been patching up roads. They will be picking up the free material being offered from Jalapeño Tree. Mahindra-is being repaired. They are waiting on a part/motor.

John King-made a motion for recordings from meeting be posted on website; he wants to educate everyone on two words-conspiracy and collusion; Shawnee Circle-any sitting board member that owns property on a road that needs work vs. roads that they don’t own property on, should be given consideration first, to show the community that there is no special interest or special consideration being given; suggested hiring CPA to do financial report as he is unable to make sense of what is being provided; no mail in ballots, make it mandatory for in person voting.

John Cosmann – pass

Vince Paruccha – question on who votes and what they vote on; questioned if we own lot to north of dumpster; wants directors to keep everything above board and out in the open.

Charles Wolfer-drawing road names out of a hat rather than looking at worst roads first so that emergency vehicles can access them.

Jay Doughty-pass

Kevin Suire-

P-addressed Mr. Wolfer’s concern of how the roads were chosen.

P-addressed Mr. King regarding mail outs and the expense of approximately $3,000 for each mailing.

P-addressed Mr. Paruccha regarding voting and the clarification of the by-laws, by the attorney, three times the members are required to vote-annual election, removal of a director, and if the board wants to barrow money from the bank.

PSPD-under TPC the requirement for a notification of vote is a vote for an election; the votes other than the election (the change in the by-laws) are votes of the members in a meeting.

Vince Paruccha-suggested an agenda requiring a vote, be made available prior to the monthly meeting.

Robert Burroughs-questioned how Mahindra went from maintenance to needing a motor.

John King-hiring of Sheriff’s Department

Motion to adjourn


April 2022

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes

April 9, 2022

BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance

Calvin Jones – President

Raul (Bully) Matinez – interim Roads Director

Christy Hanson – Financial Director

John Kissane – Pools/Special Projects Director 

John Carroll – Sanitation Director

Approved excused absence for Martin Almgren – Vice President/Interim Parks Director

Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager

P – Deeding properties over for past dues/fees. Making sure no back taxes are owed and establishing a process for selling so that we don’t get stuck paying taxes. Oscar to take pics of the 2 properties we have been contacted about. Buffalo Springs properties – $1200 for clean up ($800 to clean up trash, $400 to clear) in addition to renting a dumpster. 3rd property on Buffalo Springs with a lot of tires. Oscar is in touch with someone regarding picking up tires. PSPD to look at other vendors for next meeting. 

P – VP would like board to consider % of money for sell of POA properties to go into Parks/Pool for updating. 

FD – 501(c)3 for May/June. 

P – Employee vs. Contract Labor for liability insurance of work and vehicles (Oscar, Ed, Freddy, Rich, etc). 

P – asked PSPD to look at by-laws for update/clarification of Section 6, Article 6 for August ballot. He covered director/officers of by-laws and responsibilities and Section 6, Article 4. 1) Elected Officials – 2) Separate legislature. Focus on clarification of directors/officers terms/responsibilities. 

P – discussed selling tractors and hire out road work. Expense of loans, repairs, and fuel. Owe $7k on Mahindra. Called Commissioner Tuley, and several other subdivisions to see what they are doing for maintaining their roads. Discussion of hiring a pool service to take care of the pool. FD – questioned whether or not any bids had been obtained for roads.

P- Going up on dues this year with 2021 approved schedule following the last 3 frozen years.  Adopt new schedule of dues for election. Discussed possibility of going up on road fees, $50 to $100; $50 continues into County Roads Program and $50 to community roads. 

John King addressed board – he resubmitted petitions to remove John Kissane and Calvin Jones, citing By-Laws, Section 6. Made a motion to BOD to suspend all business on agenda to address we move to a vote of no confidence of the entire board, and take an immediate vote of the members present. 

PSPD – Point of order made that Mr. King is not a part of the meeting, the directors are. All meetings are governed by the Texas Property Code, the deed restrictions, the by-laws, and rules for meetings made by the BOD. Robert’s Rules of Order are only relevant when the BOD have not created other rules for meetings.

SD – motion to adjourn

POA Meeting 10 am

P – started the meeting off with Pledge of Allegiance. 

P- review/approval of April financial report – John Kissane made the motion, Raul Martinez second.

Carol Royer, had a question regarding “other expenses”. FD stated that debt write-off, office supplies, professional services, that we have to do for the office. We had a lot postage this time. John King, had a question regarding roads expenses. What was March monthly expenditures? FD – $1,391.07. 

P- March minutes review/approval – were accepted as written. Christy Hanson made the motion, Sharon Milner second. Amend November 2021, January 2022, and February 2022 minutes to read “Oscar Batiz – Operations Manager”. 

P/SPD – stocking up on pool supplies; getting ready to drain, power wash the pool for repair/paint. Taking pool attendant applications.

RD – reported that Ed and Oscar have been working on complaints submitted. They have done work on Longhorn, Thrush, Navarro, Whiteface, Coahoma, and Dakota. 

SD – reported an aluminum collection at compactor and it’s looking like a dump; discussed paying for trailers/bulk trash and that we only take household garbage. Trash clean-up day is Saturday, April 23rd, 9am, meet at the clubhouse.

John King (acting Roads Committee Chairperson) – reported April 2nd meeting discussed bid submitted; waiting on one. Looking at Shawnee Circle. County to chip seal Indian Gap/Red Bluff Loop. Carol Royer reported that she understood that we were starting at the front and moving backwards. Shawnee Circle is about close to a mile long. Consideration that we make repairs that make it easier in difficult places. John King questioned where the aggregate had been laid. Ed Pipkin responded on Longhorn/Thrush. Ms. Royer stated that some of the roads are problematic and make it difficult for people to get services. Mr. King then questioned if John Kissane owns property on Longhorn Rd.

P – John Kings letter submission. 

FD – read attorney’s response letter to John King’s submission.

John King – stated the he made a motion at BOD meeting to remove entire board on a vote of no confidence.

Robert Burroughs – stated his removal was not legal; P explained that based on the information that the BOD had and the understanding of the procedure at that time, his removal was legal. It has now been clarified that the procedure he was removed on may not have been legal. Section 6, Article 6 has been clarified by an attorney. P extended an opportunity to Mr. Burroughs submit a letter in writing to have the board reconsider him being able to run. 

Rodney Donaldson – roads

John King – motion to remove entire board. FD read read letter from attorney regarding “vote of no confidence”. P/SPD addressed that there is no reference to “vote of no confidence” in By-Laws or TPC. The only procedure for removing a board director is misconduct. 

Robert Burroughs – motion to remove entire board; where is the red tractor; asked John Kissane to resign.

Joyce Gableburg – pass

Manuel Gonzalez – wants to discuss asking Payne Springs to annex CCC into roads.

??? – running water on Dakota; contacted water department – they are waiting on a part

Charles – pass

Gary Wilder – pass

Joe Castillo – made a motion to remove board as of today; wants key to clubhouse; stop spending money on pools and other stuff and put it all into roads.

Melissa Friberger – left

Terrance Magriff – left

Vera Jones – pass

David Franks – left

Casey Cole – left

Maggie Basham – the reason no one comes to board meetings is because questions do not get answered

Motion to adjourn


March 2022

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes

March 9, 2022

BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance

Calvin Jones – President

Raul (Bully) Matinez – interim Roads Director

Martin Almgren – Vice President/Interim Parks/Pool Director

John Kissane – Architectural Director 

John Carroll – Sanitation Director

Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager

Approved excused absence for Christy Hanson – Financial Director 

Property owner (A166 & A167) addressed board regarding a structure being too close to Charlie Barr’s property line. The Cedar Creek Cove Owners Association shall accept a margin of error on setback requirements of up to 18” as measured from the base of the houses. All approved in favor of accepting structure as is where is.

The Cedar Creek Cove Owners Association interprets the architectural requirements of the deed restrictions to accept up to one single family residence per lot. Owners of adjoining lots may build structures that cross lot lines provided there is no more than 1 residence per adjacent lot owned. In-law suites and guest houses are fall within a single family/residence use. 

PP received a quote for pergola for park and basketball court. Raised /$4k from private entities. He is working with Ian. Movie night in spring.

SD – bulletin board for compactor

RD – filling holes; new hire; aggregate delivered; cleaning/picking up; tire issue resolved.

AD – addressed state law changes – SB1588 calls for AR Committee and asked board to appoint a chair for ARC to serve as AR authority for POA in accordance with Texas law. Suggested board cease to function as Architectural Committee. By-laws state our AC is strictly advisory. Members are appointed by the board. Those members are section reps, and they bring issues to the chair. Suggested putting up applications for ARC.

P – He called Sharon Milner and proposed the position of ARC Chair to her. P explained that section reps report to her, that it is up to her to make the determination/decision, and to notify that person.  Permits would also be her responsibility. She does not answer to the BOD, but there can be appeals to the BOD.  The committee requires a minimum of 3 members and Sharon can represent 1 section. Committee acts separate from board, she and members will be an officers of the community.

S – management certificate; properties to be sold; raising dues for 2022

SD – motion to adjourn

POA Meeting 10 am

P – started the meeting off with Pledge of Allegiance. 

P- review/approval of March financial report – Sharon Milner made the motion, Ed Pipkin second.

P stated FD would be available next Saturday, 10-11, to answer any questions regarding the financial report.

P- January minutes review/approval – were accepted as written. Mr. Matthews made the motion, Mr. Castillo second

P- February minutes review/approval – were accepted as written. Mr. Matthews made the motion, Mr. Castillo second

SD reported everything is good.

PP reported since February both boat ramps were repaired per TCWD; walking path repaired; hiring of pool attendants; raised $4k for park update.

P announced John Kissane as Interim Pools and Special Projects Director in response to ARC being established.

JK addressed state law changes – SB1588. He covered ARC purpose/duties. Appointed Sharon Milner as ARC Chair. Board will no longer serve as ARC. 

P Announced volunteer applications being accepted for those interested. Ms. Milner will be in charge of permits, and the committee will be the ones to notify those in violation of deed restrictions. This committee will remove any possibilities of conflict of interest for John Kissane. 

RD – pick up/disposal of trash; fixing pot holes; Roads Committee (RC) has plans to start roads. Ed being trained how to operate the tractor. Aggregate been delivered to start roads. Scrap metal being pick-up; someone coming out to bid on cleaning up tires.

S – announced receipt of collection of $917 from community members that wished to remain anonymous but liked what was going on in the community. P addressed that the sign has not cost the community/POA anything.

John King – Texas Property Code 209.00591 A 3 2b – petitions submitted for removal John Kissane for conflict of interest & P; did not follow property code for name change; 37 roads needing repair, with John Kissane owning property on 18/19 of those roads. Mr. King stated as head of roads committee he move that the roads that Mr. Kissane owns property on be held out of the vote of other roads needing repair. He requested petitions be read. 

Manuel Gonzalez – What would it take to contact Payne Springs about getting CCC annexed into the city? 

Shane Hide – board/ARC to discuss variance after general meeting.  

Robert Burroughs – headway with Eskota  and Shallowater (trash); have problems with tractors been remedied; is his services needed for training of tractor operations? P asked Mr. Burroughs to fill out application for insurance purposes.

Tabitha DeLeon – acquired property 3 years ago, wanted to know when meetings are; trash problem; contacting her for renter’s problems. 

Dalton Altom – excessive trash; burned out trailers

Joe Castillo – who changed the name; why can’t we have a gated community; background checks for employees/board members/directors

Paul Debicitis – can’t fish or swim at main boat dock

Allen Kisita – speak to ARC chair

Catethra Fisher – violations issued by Lou Warren; claims of discrimination/harassment; violation of inoperable vehicle; how to do away with POA.

John King – wanted petitions to be read.

Joe Castillo – motion for envelopes dropped off to be read

Jay Doadie – Red Bluff Loop, what are steps for submitting a violation. 

Motion to adjourn


February 2022

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes
February 12, 2022
BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance
Calvin Jones – President
Raul (Bully) Matinez – interim Roads Director
Martin Almgren – Vice President/Interim Parks/Pool Director
John Kissane – Architectural Director
John Carroll – Sanitation Director
Christy Hanson – Financial Director
Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager
Oscar Batiz – Operations Director

FD – Would like to establish 501(c)3 for charitable donations

VP – proposes to hire outside contractor, 1-1.5 hours per week, to initiate deed restriction violations and follow-up. AD proposed 2 hours/week coming from architectural budget

Maria Islas approached the board regarding her deed restriction violation fines and dues/fees. She accused FD of stalking her house. FD explained that she lives in the same neighborhood and travels that route to get to/from her house. The board informed her that when the violation was corrected, the fine would be removed and she could set up a payment plan for dues/fees.

POA Meeting 10 am

P – announced that Scott Tuley was present in the meeting

P – started the meeting off with Pledge of Allegiance.

P – invited Commissioner Tuley to take the floor.

Mr. Tuley addressed the conditions of the roads in HC as a whole. He state that CCC is on the list for repair of Cherokee Shores Rd. (repair of the previous work done). He discussed the community’s County Road Fund Program, repair of existing county road program roads, budget, and best use of money/resources. He discussed that Red Bluff Loop and Indian Gap are on the Feb. 21st docket for consideration into the county road program. He also discussed that many problems exist due to undersized/stopped up culverts that cause improper drainage.

FD – review/approval of February financial report – Mr. Matthews made the motion, Sharon Milner second, all in favor, none opposed.

FD – review/approval of special board meeting minutes – Mr. Matthews made the motion, Joe Castillo second, all in favor, none opposed.

P- January minutes are not available due to a computer/technology issue.

Mr. King does not approve of Code Enforcement proposal.

Worry Musser – Wanted to know who was responsible for driving around the streets. AD stated the responsibilities of his position.

Gary Wilder – pass

Charles Wolfer – pass

Vince Parrucha – roads; opposed to 3rd party enforcer; grading of CCC roads; he will get with John King

Manuel Gonzalez – pass

Robert Burroughs – volunteered for Roads Committee, was not contacted/involved in roads meeting

Richard Fain – travel trailer placement on lots; need to raise dues

Joe Castillo – back dues being forgiven

Rod Donaldson – conflict of interest; contact fire department to write fines

Paul Debacitis – problem with name change; change by-laws not right; audit

Deanna Snuffer – Roads, working on ones that are not county

Motion to adjourn – Mr. Matthews,

Meeting adjourned at 11:43


January 2022

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes
January 8, 2022
BOD Meeting 9 am
In attendance

Calvin Jones – President
Raul (Bully) Matinez – interim Roads Director
Martin Almgren – Vice President/Interim Parks/Pool Director
John Kissane – Architectural Director
John Carroll – Sanitation Director
Christy Hanson – Financial Director
Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager
Oscar Batiz – Operations Director

POA Meeting 10 am
P opened meeting. Announced for members to sign in and provide email for future announcements. Asked everyone to stand for Pledge of Allegiance.

P asked if everyone has received a copy of the minutes from last month and financial statement from this month. He asked members to review minutes first. Asked if there were any questions. Asked for motion to accept minutes as written. Frankie made motion to accept minutes, Robert Burroughs seconds it.

FD addressed November minutes needing amendment. Proposed amendments regarding The County Road Program. The November minutes that were approved by the members, it states that the $50 is for the county roads only, and the truth is, the $50 road fee is for the County Roads Program. Not for the county roads. so we need to clarify that and put that the $50 road fee is for the county road program. I think we had somebody from the county requesting that we clarify that in a minutes. Carol made a motion to approve the amendments, Frankie second the motion, all in favor, none opposed.

FD – Anybody have a question on the financial report there are two things that we need to talk about how the financial report one is the financial report and the other one is the proposed budget. Those are two separate approvals. Propose 2022 budget beginning of every year and I pointed out on the budget report I did a year comparison for y’all, usually do a quarter since it was the end of the year I did a year comparison so you could see by the 20-2021 versus 2020 our collections were up for lot assessments by like 28,000 that they were down for roads. I also pointed out that other expenses that’s where our bed that rather far so I’ve got an arrow on that so you can see where those are and then also for the month you’ll see that our collections are up by like a $300 in lot assessment and we are starting to get some of those the last thing on the report on the very last page because I’ve had some questions about payroll and so I somehow people think we’re paying $6000 a month for clerical help, and we are not. So I’ve broken down the payroll department for you for the last two years so you can see where the payroll is going and what’s happening every month and I have for the last two years so I thought that might help with clarification as well. Just know that if there is ever any questions about finances you guys are welcome to contact me I mean I’ll check my emails. Jeannie Wilson had a question regarding $12,733.26 spent for labor for roads. RD responded we have two guys on payroll, that work on patching roads. Mrs. Wilson requested a list of those roads. She then asked for a number of the roads that had been patched. It was clarified for her that the roads department has begun keeping a list of the roads since her last conversation with FD. It was discussed that a list be made available at least once a month. Mr. King asked for clarification on the page of proposed budget. FD directed meeting back to approval for financial report. Carol made a motion to accept, Sharon made a second, all in favor, none opposed. P asked for approval of proposed budget of 2022. Sharon made a motion, Mr. Matthews made a second, all in favor, and none opposed. 2022 budget was officially adopted.

Jeannie Wilson request info regarding amount of back dues that were written off when properties were sold. She also requested the amount brought in by the metal container for the last 5 years. FD responded that she had contacted the company they reported that no money had been paid in 2 years due to the account never being completely set up. FD reported that they cut us a check for approximately $1400. They had never charged us for the container, so it was a wash. The monthly fee for the container is $300-$400 per month. FD stated that she is unable to provide information that occurred before her. Ms. Wilson also requested the name of the attorney consulted for name change. AD responded that several attorneys were consulted. He stated that he contacted the SOS and they walked him through the process. Ms. Wilson stated that the certificate needs to be filed with the county as well. AD stated that he had contacted county attorney, Clint Davis, as well as county clerk’s office. The board agreed to look into filing a management certificate with HC.

Robert Burroughs wanted to know when walking pad in park would be repaired, stating it had buckled. PP and Oscar will look into it.

Sharon Milner brought up another trash pick up day. There was mention of Loves Outreach and community service for help. P asked Ms. Milner to contact county regarding using inmates for help.

Robert Burroughs brought up all the cars on Eskota. AD reminded him of complaint form submission. He also stated that we are pursuing more aggressive procedures and fee structure. Ms. Wilson wanted to know if we have had any help from Nuisance Control, AD stated he was not aware. AD agreed to make contact with Shane Renburg, Fire Marshall.

P introduced roads discussion. He asked Ms. Wilson when the roads program began. She stated that the $50 road fee began 2006 and that the County Roads Program began in 2004. P addressed history, purpose, and function of the program. Approximately 39 roads have been taken over by the county. There was 5 years that no road was accepted into the program. P introduced, by name, the roads that belong to CCC community. For two years, previous administration did not put the designated funds into the account. That was corrected by present administration and the money was placed into the designated account. P proposed to the community for permission to use monies out of the county roads program fund, to hire a company to come in and correct the community roads to be passable. He stated we have received one bid of approximately $8500 per road. The proposal is for the next three years only. He addressed that $70,000 of the current budget will need to be used to chip seal Red Bluff Loop and Indian Gap before the county will consider accepting them into the program. P reiterated that he is proposing to repurpose the funds for 3 years to repair the community/association roads only. Carol Royer brought up the importance of emergency vehicles being able to access these roads. Mr. King asked how much money is collected for roads per year. FD read from the financial report, this year $40,928.00, last year $70k, in 2019, about $70k, and 2018/2017 it was not allocated, so we had to pay it back. FD stated people are refusing to pay the roads fee due to the condition of the roads and lack of repair. Ms. Wilson expressed concerns of the community not being able to maintain the roads. She requested that the proposed plan be put on the ballot for vote in September. She also proposed for the money that had been approved for 10 yards of material, be put toward the repair of the worst roads. Mr. Burroughs suggested using the money to purchase the equipment needed to do and maintain roads. There was ongoing discussion regarding how/where/when to post meeting info for ballot/voting opportunities.

FD suggested putting a committee together to gather info, bids, ideas, etc. John King volunteered, Jeannie Wilson, Robert Burroughs, Ed Pipkins, David Franks, Oscar Batiz and Bully Martinez to chair the committee.

It was proposed that we get a hard bid from Mr. Smith to repair Longhorn and Dakota, to possibly come from the general budget. A motion was made by Ricky White, Jeannie Wilson second, all in favor, none opposed.

December 2021

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes
December 11. 2021
BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance
Calvin Jones – President (P)
Bully – interim Roads Director (RD)
Martin Amgen – Vice President (VP)
John Kissane – Architectural Director (AD)
John Carroll – Sanitation Director (SD)
Oscar Batiz – Operations Manager (OM)
lan Durnell – Parks and Pool Director (PD)
Absent (approved by P)
Christy Hanson – Financial Director (FD)
Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager (BM)

PO General Meeting

P opened meeting with Pledge of Allegiance.

P announced far anyone wanting to speak at the meeting to sign the sign in sheet.

P announced that FD and BM had excused absences from the meeting due to personal reasons.

All other directors were in attendance.

There were no questions regarding the November 13, 2021 minutes. Oscar Batiz made the motion to accept the minutes as written, Frankie Basilwitch second the motion.

There were no questions regarding the finance report. Oscar Batiz made a motion to except the financial statement as published and Susan Avis second the motion.

VP announced launch of new website and some of the features.

A.D. reported that some lots are being cleaned up and that approximately five or six derelict trailers are scheduled to be removed in the next month. He addressed the new entrance sign and the supply availability issue. He addressed that he purchased new street signs for many of the streets in the community; however we are only allowed to put up the signs on the community owned streets. The county roads we do not have permission to put the signs up. The county refused our signs and stated that they do not have the budget to purchase their own signs. AD stated we will send a letter to Scott Tully and see what happens. P stated that he spoke to Mr. Tully and was unable to understand the reasoning and that the letter was a good start. If that doesn’t work we will get on the agenda for the commissioners court. AD solicited suggestions for the interpretations of the current deed restrictions for the document to be posted to the website. Frankie Basilwitch requested stop signs for the

Member mentioned noticing 2 new stop signs that disappeared after a couple of days.

There was discussion regarding the community’s lack of priority on Henderson County’s side.

Several members brought up derelict trailers and their owners.

SD addressed holiday hours for compactor. Member addressed possibility of community garbage pick- up. Board discussed expense and non-paying PO’s.

P discussed holiday hours/days for office. Frankie stated that she went to compactor on a scheduled day and it was closed. SD discussed attendant was late one day and to let him know any time that occurs.

PD informed members that the painting of parks and boat docks were completed. He stated a member gave a contractor a boat dock key and in the future members will be required to sign an agreement/acknowledgement for the key. P discussed a permit needing to be obtained for contractors. PD stated we are working on light at front entrance, and getting ready to work painting pool in March.

RD reported crew had worked on 16 roads patching holes. making plans for January to work on all roads. Oscar introduced a plan to re-appropriate the money for three years to fix all of the roads and maintain it. He addressed that Indian Gap and Red Bluff Loop still needed to be chip sealed, but it would still leave plenty of money in the fund to address the community roads. He addressed the process, how, and why. He asked all members to invite others in the community to the January meeting to vote on this proposed plan. P reiterated that this plan is only to address CCC roads, not county roads or any other department.

P presented two checks to loves outreach on behalf of Cedar Creek Cove Community. Brother Scott addressed the members and said that they had 71 applications for the angel tree. He stated that last month they served 228 meals.

Member suggested and wants to organize activities for members. Board discussed pros and cons. VP offered to donate $50 for Bingo and board offered clubhouse for organized activities.

Oscar motioned to adjourn, Frankie second.

November 2021

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes
November 13, 2021
BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance
Calvin Jones – President
Bully – interim Roads Director
Martin Amgen – Vice President
John Kissane – Architectural Director
John Carroll – Sanitation Director
Christy Hanson – Financial Director
Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager
Oscar Batiz – Operations Director
lan Durnell was excused from attendance.

BM – discussed community clean up and the plan of twice a year (spring and fall).

FD – discussed the office inconsistancies and the progress we are making. The program limitations, account set-up, and account clean up was discussed. She discussed outsourcing the clean up/consolidation with someone outside of the community. VP motioned, AD second,
all in favor of looking into outsourcing. A/R was discussed as being up $10K as a result of consistent billing.

AD – Street sign installation was discussed. He proposed raising architectural fees in respect to severity/type of violation/permit. He will put together a proposed fee schedule. He would like to bring suit to derelict trailers/dwellings/properties according to the deed restrictions. FD discussed the plan of taking 5-6 properties through the small claims process.

SD – discussed owners bringing non-household garbage to the compactor. It was discussed
that we should allow it to the open top and it will have to be dumped more often.

POA Meeting 10 am

FD left the meeting following financial report and approval.

President opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

He asked Brother Johnny and Brother Scott to come forward to present a love offering to Loves Outreach on behalf of Cedar Creek Cove property owners association.

The minutes were accepted as written first by Sharon, 2nd by Oscar Batiz, no opposition.

The financial report was accepted first by Oscar Batiz and second by Sharon, no opposition.

John King addressed the board regarding the name change to Cedar Creek Cove stating that he is not a proponent of the change. The board addressed Mr. King stating that the idea of a name change was brought before the members at the August meeting and that the vote took place at the September meeting. It was further discussed that the minutes are posted on the website every month and are accessible to all members. Also, that the meetings are held on the Second Saturday of every month at the same time. It was discussed that the board would try to post an agenda on the website before each meeting, however, many topics get brought up at the meeting by members in attendance.

President recognized and acknowledged our veterans.

President proposed the idea of renaming the park as Veterans Park at Cedar Creek Cove to be voted on at a future meeting.

Mr. King was given the floor again and his concerns of illegal activities in the community were discussed and the proper authorities to notify. His suggestions of possible ways to deter illegal activity were discussed. He addressed the architectural Director regarding the process of building permits and codes. The architectural Director stated that he follows the state of Texas building code. He further discussed that in the state of Texas outside of municipalities, the county does not enforce building codes and does not have zoning authority. He stated that the law says you have to have inspections; a pre-pour inspection, a dry wall inspection, and a final inspection.

Jesse James addressed the Rhodes Director regarding his street. It was addressed that his road had been being worked on for a month, and his concern would be looked at again. Leroy and Michelle Worridge addressed the board with the proposal of bringing in a manufactured home greater than 10 years old. The board viewed pictures of the proposed unit. The board agreed to the Architectural Director’s recommendation, to allow the unit to be brought in with the permit stating the agreed improvements of professional installation, underpinning, and fresh exterior paint.

The president addressed the members regarding the roads explaining how the road fund works and the process of becoming county roads. He addressed that the appropriation of the funds are being discussed for a future meeting but legal counsel must take place first. He stated that there are 13 miles of roads that belong to CCC and 14 that belong to the county. Oscar Batiz explained to the members that the $50 road fee is for the county roads only. He proposed that the road fund fix and repair the roads belonging to the community if legally allowable.

There was ongoing conversation regarding generating revenue; collections of past dues, public uses of the community, etc. Architectural Director clarified the language of the Deed Restrictions in terms of community usages.