Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for Saturday October 8, 2022 @ 9AM.

Greetings everyone, The agenda for the Board of Director’s meeting this Saturday October 8, 2022 @ 9AM.

1. Loves Outreach.
2. Zuni Update
3. Lou Warren

Cherokee Shores Drive, Choctaw and Quanah Roads Repaired

Dear Members,
At this past Saturday’s Members meeting Henderson County Precinct 2 Commissioner Scott Tuley dropped in to update everyone on some of the recent road work that was performed within Cedar Creek Cove. They repaired Cherokee Shores Drive, Choctaw and Quanah, We wanted to take a moment to express our continued gratitude for Scott and his entire crew for all they do to help keep the county roads within the subdivision in drivable condition. He apologized for the short notice that there would be closures and asked all of us to please not drive around the road blocks while they are up without approval from his crew as this endangers his men. Again, we appreciate Mr Tuley for stopping by and updating everyone at the meeting. Don’t forget Loves Outreach will be holding their monthly fellowship & luncheon on Saturday September 17, 2022.

Cedar Creek Cove Board of Directors

Board of Director’s meeting this Saturday September 10

Greetings everyone,

The agenda for the Board of Director’s meeting this Saturday September 10, 2022 at 9am will be:
1. Discuss Zuni Repairs.
Members are always welcome to attend but please understand there is no participation.
The monthly members meeting for September will follow the Board meeting at 10 am.
We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Thank you
Cedar Creek Cove POA

Neighborhood Watch Training for all of our subdivisions.

To all of our local subdivisions: Just got confirmation from Sheriff Botie Hillhouse. He will be conducting the
Neighborhood Watch Training for all of our subdivisions. We are hoping to have representation from each of our
local subdivisions.

DATE: Saturday. September 10th at 9am.
PLACE: Payne springs Fire Dept. 12650 TX-198

Hope to hear from your Subdivision to confirm your
attendance. Thank you!
Questions, please contact

Election postponed until a final resolution

Dear members,
Due to differing interpretations of the Associations By-Laws pertaining to voting procedures and a pending proceeding before Henderson County’s 173rd District Court the election scheduled for August 20, 2022 has been postponed until a final resolution of this court proceeding. The final hearing is currently set for Monday October 10, 2022.

Agenda For The Board of Director’s Meeting on Saturday August 13, 2022.

1. Discuss and vote to fill one open Directors position until the election.
2. Discuss and vote to offer Karen Sanders a 12 month contract to continue to serve as Business Manager.

President Calvin Jones presents a check for $500 from the residents of Cedar Creek Cove Owners Association

A cash donation of $100 was also made on behalf of CCCOA. Payne Springs Volunteer Fire Department Chief Adam Robinson stated his gratitude and appreciation for the contributions. Chief Robinson also stated that the entire Payne Springs community had really stepped up and exceeded expectations for water and Gatorade donations. Chief Robinson reminded us with the rising cost of fuel and supplies cash donations would help greatly.  Have a blessed day.

Calvin R. Jones – President

Greetings everyone, in case you haven’t noticed the dog days of summer in Texas are upon us.

I hope everyone is staying as cool as possible and hydrated. That being said some of our first responders the Payne Springs Volunteer Fire Department has been busy fighting fires in and around our community and they are running low on supplies. One of our members contacted me to ask if the POA could help and contribute to the PSFD and to also reach out to the community for donations as well. What they are asking for is bottles of water or Gatorade.

The POA will be donating $500 dollars to the FD on your behalf. If anyone else would like to contribute you can purchase bottles of water, Gatorade or both and drop them off to PSFD located on Hwy 198. If you would like to drop off a cash donation at the office club house our staff will be happy to take them and we will make sure they get to the FD. These brave men and women volunteers need our support so this a chance for us to give back for all that they have done for us. I thank you in advance, I know our community will rise to the occasion. God Bless, stay cool.

Calvin R Jones
Cedar Creek Cove POA.

Clarification of Bylaws

To all members of the Cedar Creek Cove Owners Association; I apologize upfront for some of the confusion at Saturday’s meeting about the voting procedure being in Texas Property Codes. It was not, it was in our By Laws. After lengthy discussions with our attorney over the past day and a half we have reached the following conclusion about the upcoming election on August 20, 2022.

Clarification of Bylaws regarding voting as provided by RMWBH Attorneys and Counselors at Law.

1. Article IV Section 1 of the Bylaws provides that each property owner is a member.
2. Article IV Section 4 ALL persons holding title to a lot are considered members. This means all persons listed on the deed, whether it be 3 or 30, each get one vote.

The way the document is written, you get as many votes as you have lots. If you have 4 lots you get 4 votes. If you have 80 lots you get 80 votes. Titleholder = membership.

Voting rights are dictated by the governing documents. Typically, it is in the Declaration, however in this case, it’s the Bylaws.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Calvin R Jones,


July 2022 Board of Directors Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda For 9AM July 9, 2022. Discuss

1. Proposed New By Laws For Inclusion in The 2022 Election
2. Absentee ballot/mailing