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April 2022 Board of Directors Meeting


  1. Discuss 2 people that are wanting to deed their property over to the Association in lieu of back dues.
  2. Discuss hiring a Real Estate Agent to list all properties that the association owns.
  3. Discuss status of 501C3.
  4. Do we have employees or Contract Labor ? Insurance ramifications?
  5.  Discuss updating the ByLaws and Deed Restrictions to bring them up to current times.
  6. Realignment of the BoD’s and their responsibilities.
  7. Discuss selling the 2 tractors and equipment and hiring outside third party contractors for roads, pool maintenance, mowing etc.
  8. Raising of the dues and also raising the roads fund contribution.

This month’s Board of Directors Meeting will be held at 9AM at the clubhouse.

Calvin R. Jones – President
Cedar Creek Cove POA