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April 2022

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes

April 9, 2022

BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance

Calvin Jones – President

Raul (Bully) Matinez – interim Roads Director

Christy Hanson – Financial Director

John Kissane – Pools/Special Projects Director 

John Carroll – Sanitation Director

Approved excused absence for Martin Almgren – Vice President/Interim Parks Director

Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager

P – Deeding properties over for past dues/fees. Making sure no back taxes are owed and establishing a process for selling so that we don’t get stuck paying taxes. Oscar to take pics of the 2 properties we have been contacted about. Buffalo Springs properties – $1200 for clean up ($800 to clean up trash, $400 to clear) in addition to renting a dumpster. 3rd property on Buffalo Springs with a lot of tires. Oscar is in touch with someone regarding picking up tires. PSPD to look at other vendors for next meeting. 

P – VP would like board to consider % of money for sell of POA properties to go into Parks/Pool for updating. 

FD – 501(c)3 for May/June. 

P – Employee vs. Contract Labor for liability insurance of work and vehicles (Oscar, Ed, Freddy, Rich, etc). 

P – asked PSPD to look at by-laws for update/clarification of Section 6, Article 6 for August ballot. He covered director/officers of by-laws and responsibilities and Section 6, Article 4. 1) Elected Officials – 2) Separate legislature. Focus on clarification of directors/officers terms/responsibilities. 

P – discussed selling tractors and hire out road work. Expense of loans, repairs, and fuel. Owe $7k on Mahindra. Called Commissioner Tuley, and several other subdivisions to see what they are doing for maintaining their roads. Discussion of hiring a pool service to take care of the pool. FD – questioned whether or not any bids had been obtained for roads.

P- Going up on dues this year with 2021 approved schedule following the last 3 frozen years.  Adopt new schedule of dues for election. Discussed possibility of going up on road fees, $50 to $100; $50 continues into County Roads Program and $50 to community roads. 

John King addressed board – he resubmitted petitions to remove John Kissane and Calvin Jones, citing By-Laws, Section 6. Made a motion to BOD to suspend all business on agenda to address we move to a vote of no confidence of the entire board, and take an immediate vote of the members present. 

PSPD – Point of order made that Mr. King is not a part of the meeting, the directors are. All meetings are governed by the Texas Property Code, the deed restrictions, the by-laws, and rules for meetings made by the BOD. Robert’s Rules of Order are only relevant when the BOD have not created other rules for meetings.

SD – motion to adjourn

POA Meeting 10 am

P – started the meeting off with Pledge of Allegiance. 

P- review/approval of April financial report – John Kissane made the motion, Raul Martinez second.

Carol Royer, had a question regarding “other expenses”. FD stated that debt write-off, office supplies, professional services, that we have to do for the office. We had a lot postage this time. John King, had a question regarding roads expenses. What was March monthly expenditures? FD – $1,391.07. 

P- March minutes review/approval – were accepted as written. Christy Hanson made the motion, Sharon Milner second. Amend November 2021, January 2022, and February 2022 minutes to read “Oscar Batiz – Operations Manager”. 

P/SPD – stocking up on pool supplies; getting ready to drain, power wash the pool for repair/paint. Taking pool attendant applications.

RD – reported that Ed and Oscar have been working on complaints submitted. They have done work on Longhorn, Thrush, Navarro, Whiteface, Coahoma, and Dakota. 

SD – reported an aluminum collection at compactor and it’s looking like a dump; discussed paying for trailers/bulk trash and that we only take household garbage. Trash clean-up day is Saturday, April 23rd, 9am, meet at the clubhouse.

John King (acting Roads Committee Chairperson) – reported April 2nd meeting discussed bid submitted; waiting on one. Looking at Shawnee Circle. County to chip seal Indian Gap/Red Bluff Loop. Carol Royer reported that she understood that we were starting at the front and moving backwards. Shawnee Circle is about close to a mile long. Consideration that we make repairs that make it easier in difficult places. John King questioned where the aggregate had been laid. Ed Pipkin responded on Longhorn/Thrush. Ms. Royer stated that some of the roads are problematic and make it difficult for people to get services. Mr. King then questioned if John Kissane owns property on Longhorn Rd.

P – John Kings letter submission. 

FD – read attorney’s response letter to John King’s submission.

John King – stated the he made a motion at BOD meeting to remove entire board on a vote of no confidence.

Robert Burroughs – stated his removal was not legal; P explained that based on the information that the BOD had and the understanding of the procedure at that time, his removal was legal. It has now been clarified that the procedure he was removed on may not have been legal. Section 6, Article 6 has been clarified by an attorney. P extended an opportunity to Mr. Burroughs submit a letter in writing to have the board reconsider him being able to run. 

Rodney Donaldson – roads

John King – motion to remove entire board. FD read read letter from attorney regarding “vote of no confidence”. P/SPD addressed that there is no reference to “vote of no confidence” in By-Laws or TPC. The only procedure for removing a board director is misconduct. 

Robert Burroughs – motion to remove entire board; where is the red tractor; asked John Kissane to resign.

Joyce Gableburg – pass

Manuel Gonzalez – wants to discuss asking Payne Springs to annex CCC into roads.

??? – running water on Dakota; contacted water department – they are waiting on a part

Charles – pass

Gary Wilder – pass

Joe Castillo – made a motion to remove board as of today; wants key to clubhouse; stop spending money on pools and other stuff and put it all into roads.

Melissa Friberger – left

Terrance Magriff – left

Vera Jones – pass

David Franks – left

Casey Cole – left

Maggie Basham – the reason no one comes to board meetings is because questions do not get answered

Motion to adjourn