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August 2021

Board of Directors Meeting
9:00 a.m.
August 14, 2021

Called to order at 9:00 by Calvin Jones

Calvin Jones – President
Karen Sanders – V. President
John Carroll – Sanitation
Lou Warren – Architecture
lan Durnell – Parks and Pools
Kyle Bennett – Roads Director
Christy Hanson – Finance Director

In the July meeting. Victoria Moore had requested to address the Board of Directors. Victoria Moore was not present for the BOD meeting.

Lou has assessed 19 repeat violations; 3 new notifications. 30 notifications of property abandonment. 12 notifications of abandonment to Eustace ISD for high tax debt. Approved 5 permits and denied 2 permits.

lan said the railing and gates at the boat ramps need to be repainted. Oscar said it also needs to be repainted. We need a work order form.

Pool will be open on weekends for one month in September. Oscar has someone to cover the pool on the weekends. Next Spring we need to change the water and repaint. Remind Board in January to ensure we have the money. Saturday and Sunday 1 to 6.

Need to sell the other parks. Once the election is complete. We need to make it a priority.

Lou asked about selling the parks. Can we subdivide? Lou wanted a consideration of subdividing to sell as multiple plats. Lou suggested that we rezone the parks as commercial and sell as commercial as a possible income source if we decide to incorporate. John Carroll suggested a cell phone tower for about $5,000 per month.

Roads – Kyle said he is trying to maintain the roads as funds come in. The Roads department takes more flack than anyone else.

Calvin mentioned that he has been in touch with Commissioner Tooley. Indian Gap and Red Bluff Loop, he said they were in pretty good shape. Commissioner Tooley and Judge Wade McKinney recommend we chip seal the roads. Waiting on a return call from Enchanted Oaks to discuss chip seal. Chip seal procedure would cost 10 to 20 thousand more for those two roads.

Crappy soil causes it to crack and alligator. Part of the process of maintaining the roads so we can request them to be part of the road program.

Lou asked a question about Commissioner Tooley’s recommendation to chip seal now. Calvin responded that chip sealing would help the deterioration of RBL and IG.

Meeting was not adjourned at 9:39..kept open to ensure we gave members time to get her to address the board. Lou Warren motioned to adjourn at 9:50 Gerrell Ferris seconded the motion to adjourn.

Property Owners Meeting
August 14, 2021
10:00 a.m.

Calvin Jones – President
Karen Sanders – Vice President
John Carroll – Sanitation
Lou Warren – Architecture
lan Wade – Parks and Pools
Kyle Bennett – Roads
Christy Hanson – Finance Director

10:00 a.m. Calvin Called the meeting to order and introduced all the members of the BOD.

Pledge was led by Calvin Jones

Calvin Jones awarded Lou Warren with a plaque in appreciation for his service to CSOA. Lou said a few words about his work with CSOA and his intent to continue to stay involved.


Time was given to review the minutes. Gerrel Ferris motion to accept; Oscar seconded the motion. Unanimous to approve

Finance Report

Time was given to review the minutes. John Kissane motioned to accept, Gerrel Ferris seconded the motion. Unanimous approval.

No Old Business from last month.

John Carroll said getting a lot more trash than usual. Will probably need another open top eventually. Especially during the summer. Richard does a good job.

Lou Warren – 19 people who were assessed 6 months ago and the violation was never corrected. They were assessed again without prior notification. It is within Texas Law to reassess without prior notice if it is a non-resolved issue. Only 3 new violations … approved 5 permits. Denied 2. 30 property abandonment to Henderson county. 12 abandoned property to the Eustace ISD tax office that has high tax debt. Linebarger.

Kyle Bennett explained that we will purchase road materials within the next few weeks to repair the roads. Calvin explained we didn’t have the funds to buy materials .. without materials can’t repair the roads.

lan wants to repair the railings and the boat ramp fences. In the spring will need to empty and repair the pool

Ed Pipkin addressed the president about potential fund raising efforts. Go out to try to get some. Some ideas for a multi component fundraiser. Community garage sale at the entrance. See attached form submitted. Last Saturday and Sunday of the month in October is the recommendation. October 23rd. Scrap metal collections. Raffle.

  • John Kissane, unopposed candidate for Architectural Director was in attendance and addressed the group about his ideas, if elected.
  • Martin Silva, candidate for president, was in attendance and addressed the group about his ideas if elected.
  • Calvin Jones, candidate for president addressed the group and asked people to come vote.

Ed Pipkin suggested a sign in sheet for people in attendance at Board Meetings

Oscar Batiz addressed the Board about Board of Director attendance. According to RR of Order Board members can be in attendance electronically unless otherwise specified in the by-laws of the organization. Calvin clarified that all absences this year, except one have been excused by him and comply with by-laws. To clarify, Board Members of CSOA do not have to live in CS.

Sharon Milner moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:01. Oscar Batiz seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned.

For Next Meeting on September 11, 2021

  • Results of the Election
  • Appointment of a New Vice President
  • Fundraiser on October 23rd
  • Railings and Gates paintings and repairs
  • Campactor Hours
  • Compactor dumping of trailers
  • Selling of Parks
  • Update of Roads Repairs
  • Chip Seal on Indian Gap and Red Bluff Loop