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Cherokee Shores Drive, Choctaw and Quanah Roads Repaired

Dear Members,
At this past Saturday’s Members meeting Henderson County Precinct 2 Commissioner Scott Tuley dropped in to update everyone on some of the recent road work that was performed within Cedar Creek Cove. They repaired Cherokee Shores Drive, Choctaw and Quanah, We wanted to take a moment to express our continued gratitude for Scott and his entire crew for all they do to help keep the county roads within the subdivision in drivable condition. He apologized for the short notice that there would be closures and asked all of us to please not drive around the road blocks while they are up without approval from his crew as this endangers his men. Again, we appreciate Mr Tuley for stopping by and updating everyone at the meeting. Don’t forget Loves Outreach will be holding their monthly fellowship & luncheon on Saturday September 17, 2022.

Cedar Creek Cove Board of Directors