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Clarification of Bylaws

To all members of the Cedar Creek Cove Owners Association; I apologize upfront for some of the confusion at Saturday’s meeting about the voting procedure being in Texas Property Codes. It was not, it was in our By Laws. After lengthy discussions with our attorney over the past day and a half we have reached the following conclusion about the upcoming election on August 20, 2022.

Clarification of Bylaws regarding voting as provided by RMWBH Attorneys and Counselors at Law.

1. Article IV Section 1 of the Bylaws provides that each property owner is a member.
2. Article IV Section 4 ALL persons holding title to a lot are considered members. This means all persons listed on the deed, whether it be 3 or 30, each get one vote.

The way the document is written, you get as many votes as you have lots. If you have 4 lots you get 4 votes. If you have 80 lots you get 80 votes. Titleholder = membership.

Voting rights are dictated by the governing documents. Typically, it is in the Declaration, however in this case, it’s the Bylaws.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Calvin R Jones,