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December 2021

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes
December 11. 2021
BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance
Calvin Jones – President (P)
Bully – interim Roads Director (RD)
Martin Amgen – Vice President (VP)
John Kissane – Architectural Director (AD)
John Carroll – Sanitation Director (SD)
Oscar Batiz – Operations Manager (OM)
lan Durnell – Parks and Pool Director (PD)
Absent (approved by P)
Christy Hanson – Financial Director (FD)
Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager (BM)

PO General Meeting

P opened meeting with Pledge of Allegiance.

P announced far anyone wanting to speak at the meeting to sign the sign in sheet.

P announced that FD and BM had excused absences from the meeting due to personal reasons.

All other directors were in attendance.

There were no questions regarding the November 13, 2021 minutes. Oscar Batiz made the motion to accept the minutes as written, Frankie Basilwitch second the motion.

There were no questions regarding the finance report. Oscar Batiz made a motion to except the financial statement as published and Susan Avis second the motion.

VP announced launch of new website and some of the features.

A.D. reported that some lots are being cleaned up and that approximately five or six derelict trailers are scheduled to be removed in the next month. He addressed the new entrance sign and the supply availability issue. He addressed that he purchased new street signs for many of the streets in the community; however we are only allowed to put up the signs on the community owned streets. The county roads we do not have permission to put the signs up. The county refused our signs and stated that they do not have the budget to purchase their own signs. AD stated we will send a letter to Scott Tully and see what happens. P stated that he spoke to Mr. Tully and was unable to understand the reasoning and that the letter was a good start. If that doesn’t work we will get on the agenda for the commissioners court. AD solicited suggestions for the interpretations of the current deed restrictions for the document to be posted to the website. Frankie Basilwitch requested stop signs for the

Member mentioned noticing 2 new stop signs that disappeared after a couple of days.

There was discussion regarding the community’s lack of priority on Henderson County’s side.

Several members brought up derelict trailers and their owners.

SD addressed holiday hours for compactor. Member addressed possibility of community garbage pick- up. Board discussed expense and non-paying PO’s.

P discussed holiday hours/days for office. Frankie stated that she went to compactor on a scheduled day and it was closed. SD discussed attendant was late one day and to let him know any time that occurs.

PD informed members that the painting of parks and boat docks were completed. He stated a member gave a contractor a boat dock key and in the future members will be required to sign an agreement/acknowledgement for the key. P discussed a permit needing to be obtained for contractors. PD stated we are working on light at front entrance, and getting ready to work painting pool in March.

RD reported crew had worked on 16 roads patching holes. making plans for January to work on all roads. Oscar introduced a plan to re-appropriate the money for three years to fix all of the roads and maintain it. He addressed that Indian Gap and Red Bluff Loop still needed to be chip sealed, but it would still leave plenty of money in the fund to address the community roads. He addressed the process, how, and why. He asked all members to invite others in the community to the January meeting to vote on this proposed plan. P reiterated that this plan is only to address CCC roads, not county roads or any other department.

P presented two checks to loves outreach on behalf of Cedar Creek Cove Community. Brother Scott addressed the members and said that they had 71 applications for the angel tree. He stated that last month they served 228 meals.

Member suggested and wants to organize activities for members. Board discussed pros and cons. VP offered to donate $50 for Bingo and board offered clubhouse for organized activities.

Oscar motioned to adjourn, Frankie second.