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February 2022

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes
February 12, 2022
BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance
Calvin Jones – President
Raul (Bully) Matinez – interim Roads Director
Martin Almgren – Vice President/Interim Parks/Pool Director
John Kissane – Architectural Director
John Carroll – Sanitation Director
Christy Hanson – Financial Director
Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager
Oscar Batiz – Operations Director

FD – Would like to establish 501(c)3 for charitable donations

VP – proposes to hire outside contractor, 1-1.5 hours per week, to initiate deed restriction violations and follow-up. AD proposed 2 hours/week coming from architectural budget

Maria Islas approached the board regarding her deed restriction violation fines and dues/fees. She accused FD of stalking her house. FD explained that she lives in the same neighborhood and travels that route to get to/from her house. The board informed her that when the violation was corrected, the fine would be removed and she could set up a payment plan for dues/fees.

POA Meeting 10 am

P – announced that Scott Tuley was present in the meeting

P – started the meeting off with Pledge of Allegiance.

P – invited Commissioner Tuley to take the floor.

Mr. Tuley addressed the conditions of the roads in HC as a whole. He state that CCC is on the list for repair of Cherokee Shores Rd. (repair of the previous work done). He discussed the community’s County Road Fund Program, repair of existing county road program roads, budget, and best use of money/resources. He discussed that Red Bluff Loop and Indian Gap are on the Feb. 21st docket for consideration into the county road program. He also discussed that many problems exist due to undersized/stopped up culverts that cause improper drainage.

FD – review/approval of February financial report – Mr. Matthews made the motion, Sharon Milner second, all in favor, none opposed.

FD – review/approval of special board meeting minutes – Mr. Matthews made the motion, Joe Castillo second, all in favor, none opposed.

P- January minutes are not available due to a computer/technology issue.

Mr. King does not approve of Code Enforcement proposal.

Worry Musser – Wanted to know who was responsible for driving around the streets. AD stated the responsibilities of his position.

Gary Wilder – pass

Charles Wolfer – pass

Vince Parrucha – roads; opposed to 3rd party enforcer; grading of CCC roads; he will get with John King

Manuel Gonzalez – pass

Robert Burroughs – volunteered for Roads Committee, was not contacted/involved in roads meeting

Richard Fain – travel trailer placement on lots; need to raise dues

Joe Castillo – back dues being forgiven

Rod Donaldson – conflict of interest; contact fire department to write fines

Paul Debacitis – problem with name change; change by-laws not right; audit

Deanna Snuffer – Roads, working on ones that are not county

Motion to adjourn – Mr. Matthews,

Meeting adjourned at 11:43