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Henderson County Sheriff’s Office

It’s our pleasure to announce that we will be requesting a Henderson County Sheriff’s deputy to be present during future POA meetings in response to safety concerns raised by property owners regarding threatening and unruly behaviors during our meetings by a small fraction within our group. Our community is a peaceful and relaxing place to live and work.

The safety of the people in it, as well as the protection of their right to freely and respectfully address the board without fear, are of utmost priority. To ensure the safety of our property owners, we have chosen to invite officers from the sheriff’s department to attend all future meetings. Attendees who are disrespectful, unruly, belligerent, threatening, or intimidating in their behavior will be escorted from the meeting so that we may conduct our meetings in a protected and productive environment. We want all of our property owners to be free to express their concerns and suggestions, and this can only be accomplished through cooperation and a respectful atmosphere.

We invite all property owners who will adhere to these guidelines to attend our next meeting and help us continue to improve our community. Thank you to all of you who voiced your concerns to the board. We hope you are pleased with our solution, and look forward to working in partnership with you!