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July 2021

Cherokee Shores POA Meeting
July 10, 2021

Meeting was called to order

Christy Hanson and John Carroll are on vacation.

Present are:
lan Durnall – parks and pools director
Lou Warren – architectural director
Karen Sanders – vice president
Calvin Jones – president
Kyle Bennett via phone – roads director

President called the meeting to order and started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance

President apologized for minutes from last meeting and financial statement not being ready and stated that he would try to get them on the website this month.

The architectural director stated that some violation notifications had been sent out and some were followed up with assessments.

Parks and Pool Director stated boat dock had to be repaired that concrete had washed out from under it. He stated he would like to get the gates and the fences painted around the boat docks. Member asked for more clarification of how money was spent. It was stated that total job cost was around $1800.

Roads was discussed and it’s primarily maintenance right now.

Member was questioning where money goes that is paid to the POA.

Frankie questioned if someone inspects new houses being built. Architectural Director explained how the permit and process takes place. President discussed that we are in the county and that there are no inspection or permit requirements.

Ed addressed that since he did not hear back from the POA regarding materials to fix his road he went out and got his own materials and repaired his road.

John Aguilera addressed properties coming into the subdivision and could anything be done to get them to clean up their properties.

Aaron Lawrence stated that they had just bought property and was questioning the restrictions of his property. He questioned abandoned properties with abandoned trailers cars etc. how to rid of them.

John Kissane addressed Mr. Lawrence stating that the POA does have the ability to go onto private property that is abandoned according to the deed restrictions article 12.

Victoria Moore stated that she resigned from the office three weeks ago. She was presenting petitions to the board to open up the ballots again for Roads Director and for Parks and Pool Director stating on the grounds that they have missed more than three meetings. She also requested to re-open the ballot for architectural Director stating it was a conflict of interest because he was a developer in the community.

In response to first petition president read article 6 section 7 of the Board of Directors.

In response to second petition vice president read article 6 section 6 of the board of directors.

Miss Moore had to be reminded that this was not a board of directors meeting that it was a general meeting.

DeeAnna Snuffer addressed the condition of her road and the size of the potholes. She addressed people illegally dumping on vacant lots on her street and shooting guns.

Victoria Moore stated that money was being spent for roads at the same time that they were working for John Kissane stating it was a double dip. She stated that she has proof.

Vice president addressed member regarding amending of by-laws and read article 13 by law amending.

President discussed the process of amending bylaws and also how collections are being
handled. He also discussed the process for paving roads.

The opposing candidate for President addressed the members. He stated that his goal is not to penalize the people that live here, but to penalize people that don’t live here. He wants to assign committees to go after people who don’t pay their dues, and to use a collection method.

Frankie addressed the board thanking them for their service and their volunteer.

A member asked if our financial reports are audited. It was explained that Dennis Woods reviewed our process around 2018 and he did not find anything alarming.

Meeting was adjourned.