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July 2022

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes

July 9, 2022

BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance

Calvin Jones – President

Raul (Bully) Matinez – interim Roads Director

Christy Hanson – Financial Director

John Kissane – Pools/Special Projects Director (via phone)

Martin Almgren – Vice President/Interim Parks Director

Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager

Excused absence (vacation) – John Carroll – Sanitation Director

Review of proposed amended/restated Bylaws provided by attorney to align with TPC. Clarification provided by attorney of vote count pertaining to lots owned. BOD approved as written 4-0.

Discussed/finalized absentee ballots mailing and retrieval.

Discussed raising annual dues. BOD agreed to $12/year for lot 1-9 and an additions $10 for each lot starting with the 10th lot. Votes 4-0

VP – adjourn; RD, second

POA Meeting 10 am

P – started the meeting off with Pledge of Allegiance.

P- review/approval of July financial report – Delinda Krazer, motion; Sharon Milner, second; accepted as written

P- June minutes review/approval – Mr. Matthews made the motion, FD, second; accepted as written.

PSPD – withdraws resignation until after election

VP – maintenance on parks; new signs for boat docks

Jeannie Wilson acknowledges VP for contributions to the board.

RD – stack of complaints to work on (pot holes). Shawnee Circle submission into County Road Program (FD). Spearman and Coahoma completed.

John King – name change

Rory Musser – number of votes

Charles Wolfer – selling of lots

Gary Wilder – not present

Robert Burroughs – number of votes per property

Paul Debisitis – purchasing property

Motion to adjourn – Sharon Milner