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June 2022

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes
June 11, 2022
BOD Meeting 9 am


In attendance

Calvin Jones – President

Raul (Bully) Matinez – interim Roads Director

Christy Hanson – Financial Director 

John Kissane – Pools/Special Projects Director 

John Carroll – Sanitation Director

Martin Almgren – Vice President/Interim Parks Director 

Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager


Discussion of Article 5, Section 1 (voting rights) of By-Laws. Mr. & Mrs. On HCAD/account – both get to vote.

Ideas for Ballots:

Separate PO Box; Paid postage return; colored envelopes, colored ballots

Mailing July 1st

August 13th is general meeting, August 20th is election

Absentee ballots must be received by August 18th

Consult Mr. Pharris and outside/unknown judge for receiving/counting of ballots





Return envelope

Not on agenda:

Ian – concern of accident on Sunray/Chicota (county road) due to no stop sign. RD to have Oscar contact Mr. Tuly.

Audio recordings of meetings posted to website. FD to purchase digital recorder; VP to train staff upload procedure.

Discussion of proposed amendments for By-Laws

PO presented to board, model of home he was seeking a permit approval for. Board granted approval to ARCC.

SD – motion to adjourn


POA Meeting 10 am


P – started the meeting off with Pledge of Allegiance. 

P- review/approval of June financial report – Diane Dasher requested clarification of “other expenses” of bad debt. Diane Dasher made the motion, multiple seconds.

P- May minutes amendment/review/approval – were accepted as written. P made the motion, second received. 

PSPD resigns as of August meeting; Buffalo Springs clean up accomplished; high bids on paving a road; volunteer to pave 4 roads – considering Kickapoo and White Deer Run.

SD – asked for cameras for sanitation yard; only household garbage accepted

PO – suggested that PO’s be allowed to volunteer/donate time for credit to account

VP – new signs for boat ramp

RD – only 2 bids for roads; Oats Land Development $22,968 for Running Brook

FD – add another $25k to $50k for road repair. Get it done.

Chip seal Indian Gap and Red Bluff Loop

Sandra Pomero – needs repair on Cherokee Shores Dr. for standing water on her drive way.

Lou Warren addressed members in regards to a job well done for the board.

John Cossman – pass

Diane Dasher – asked board for permission to put up “caution sign” for special needs children. Board approved.

Vince Parrucha – would like to see board consider doing roads.

John King – glad to see board consider CPA doing financials and to publish recordings.

Esther – do we have neighborhood crime watch

P – clarified election positions open; resumes due June 15th.

Motion to adjourn