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March 2022

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes

March 9, 2022

BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance

Calvin Jones – President

Raul (Bully) Matinez – interim Roads Director

Martin Almgren – Vice President/Interim Parks/Pool Director

John Kissane – Architectural Director 

John Carroll – Sanitation Director

Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager

Approved excused absence for Christy Hanson – Financial Director 

Property owner (A166 & A167) addressed board regarding a structure being too close to Charlie Barr’s property line. The Cedar Creek Cove Owners Association shall accept a margin of error on setback requirements of up to 18” as measured from the base of the houses. All approved in favor of accepting structure as is where is.

The Cedar Creek Cove Owners Association interprets the architectural requirements of the deed restrictions to accept up to one single family residence per lot. Owners of adjoining lots may build structures that cross lot lines provided there is no more than 1 residence per adjacent lot owned. In-law suites and guest houses are fall within a single family/residence use. 

PP received a quote for pergola for park and basketball court. Raised /$4k from private entities. He is working with Ian. Movie night in spring.

SD – bulletin board for compactor

RD – filling holes; new hire; aggregate delivered; cleaning/picking up; tire issue resolved.

AD – addressed state law changes – SB1588 calls for AR Committee and asked board to appoint a chair for ARC to serve as AR authority for POA in accordance with Texas law. Suggested board cease to function as Architectural Committee. By-laws state our AC is strictly advisory. Members are appointed by the board. Those members are section reps, and they bring issues to the chair. Suggested putting up applications for ARC.

P – He called Sharon Milner and proposed the position of ARC Chair to her. P explained that section reps report to her, that it is up to her to make the determination/decision, and to notify that person.  Permits would also be her responsibility. She does not answer to the BOD, but there can be appeals to the BOD.  The committee requires a minimum of 3 members and Sharon can represent 1 section. Committee acts separate from board, she and members will be an officers of the community.

S – management certificate; properties to be sold; raising dues for 2022

SD – motion to adjourn

POA Meeting 10 am

P – started the meeting off with Pledge of Allegiance. 

P- review/approval of March financial report – Sharon Milner made the motion, Ed Pipkin second.

P stated FD would be available next Saturday, 10-11, to answer any questions regarding the financial report.

P- January minutes review/approval – were accepted as written. Mr. Matthews made the motion, Mr. Castillo second

P- February minutes review/approval – were accepted as written. Mr. Matthews made the motion, Mr. Castillo second

SD reported everything is good.

PP reported since February both boat ramps were repaired per TCWD; walking path repaired; hiring of pool attendants; raised $4k for park update.

P announced John Kissane as Interim Pools and Special Projects Director in response to ARC being established.

JK addressed state law changes – SB1588. He covered ARC purpose/duties. Appointed Sharon Milner as ARC Chair. Board will no longer serve as ARC. 

P Announced volunteer applications being accepted for those interested. Ms. Milner will be in charge of permits, and the committee will be the ones to notify those in violation of deed restrictions. This committee will remove any possibilities of conflict of interest for John Kissane. 

RD – pick up/disposal of trash; fixing pot holes; Roads Committee (RC) has plans to start roads. Ed being trained how to operate the tractor. Aggregate been delivered to start roads. Scrap metal being pick-up; someone coming out to bid on cleaning up tires.

S – announced receipt of collection of $917 from community members that wished to remain anonymous but liked what was going on in the community. P addressed that the sign has not cost the community/POA anything.

John King – Texas Property Code 209.00591 A 3 2b – petitions submitted for removal John Kissane for conflict of interest & P; did not follow property code for name change; 37 roads needing repair, with John Kissane owning property on 18/19 of those roads. Mr. King stated as head of roads committee he move that the roads that Mr. Kissane owns property on be held out of the vote of other roads needing repair. He requested petitions be read. 

Manuel Gonzalez – What would it take to contact Payne Springs about getting CCC annexed into the city? 

Shane Hide – board/ARC to discuss variance after general meeting.  

Robert Burroughs – headway with Eskota  and Shallowater (trash); have problems with tractors been remedied; is his services needed for training of tractor operations? P asked Mr. Burroughs to fill out application for insurance purposes.

Tabitha DeLeon – acquired property 3 years ago, wanted to know when meetings are; trash problem; contacting her for renter’s problems. 

Dalton Altom – excessive trash; burned out trailers

Joe Castillo – who changed the name; why can’t we have a gated community; background checks for employees/board members/directors

Paul Debicitis – can’t fish or swim at main boat dock

Allen Kisita – speak to ARC chair

Catethra Fisher – violations issued by Lou Warren; claims of discrimination/harassment; violation of inoperable vehicle; how to do away with POA.

John King – wanted petitions to be read.

Joe Castillo – motion for envelopes dropped off to be read

Jay Doadie – Red Bluff Loop, what are steps for submitting a violation. 

Motion to adjourn