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May 2022

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes
May 14, 2022
BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance

Calvin Jones – President

Raul (Bully) Matinez – interim Roads Director

Christy Hanson – Financial Director (participated by phone)

John Kissane – Pools/Special Projects Director 

John Carroll – Sanitation Director

Martin Almgren – Vice President/Interim Parks Director (participated by phone)

Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager

P-Executive meeting was held April 6th to discuss the topics of legal procedures and employment issues. Special meeting held April 30th (copy of minutes available) discussed roads, approved Shawnee Circle to be submitting for the next road into the County Roads Program, and drew 4 roads for the community to pay for repair: White Dove Tr., Spearman, Running Brook, and Coahoma. Three companies have been contacted and are awaiting bids. Two companies came out, viewed the four roads, and are preparing bids. P made motion to submit Shawnee Circle into Henderson County Roads Program, FD second, none opposed. P discussed options for listing properties (Realtor, Tax Auction, Sealed Bids) that the community owns. PSPD suggested tax auction. BOD agreed that a realtor would be the best way. PSPD will get bid for clean up. FD/S will get realtor. P made motion to accept minutes for April 30th Special Meeting, SD second, minutes were approved. 

FD-501(c)3, motion to table, VP second. Will present to new board in August.   

PSPD-working on updating/clarification of by-laws as recommended by attorney to align with TPC and creating a legally enforceable document.

P-Saturday, Aug 20th, is election. We need volunteers to count votes, talk to Mr. Farris to oversee. FD and S, sign in sheets. FD, do a mailing separate from billing for ballot mail out to include candidate bio and by-laws clarification. July 1st to mail out ballots. Ballots to be printed, volunteers to fold, stuff, and stamp. There will be no monthly billing for July. FD suggested colored envelopes, colored ballots, and hold mail until Saturday, do not open mail T-F, and then open mail publicly on Saturday as a group. P will reach out to Mr. Farris to be our election judge, and to see if he is available for the mail openings. 

P-for the ballot, discussion of raising road fund dues and raising the road dues but splitting between the road fund and community roads. FD discussed raising POA dues, and using general fund to repair roads. New rate schedule needs to be decided and approved. The roads fund will stay as is. VP discussed adding a check box/insert to be included for volunteers and donations. 

RD-update on Mahindra-is being repaired. They are waiting on a part/motor. Moved to dissolve Road Committee because the action plan has been completed; no objections. 

P-any objections to the request of Mr. Burroughs. FD-based on the clarification of by-laws from the attorney, Mr. Burroughs should be cleared to run for BOD position. Unanimous consent was received. 


SD – motion to adjourn

POA Meeting 10 am

P – started the meeting off with Pledge of Allegiance. 

P- review/approval of May financial report – PSPD made the motion, RD second.

P- April minutes review/approval – were accepted as written. SD made the motion, VP second. 

SD- had an illegal dump on driveway at compactor, fire marshal found name/address in bags and it’s being investigated. Only taking household bagged garbage; no longer accepting bulk trash. 

P-recognized those who participated in the community clean up.

PSPD-pool staff has been hired and training is scheduled to begin; pool paint is in, plan is to have the pool drained and painted by next weekend. 

FD-collections are going really well

VP-suggested implementing a sign at boat docs “no commercial use” and permit required. Notify PO’s that they are responsible to acquiring permit for commercial use of boat docks. Inquiry of new signs at boat dock with new name. P-addressed that a PO loaned boat dock key to a commercial contractor.

RD-received second bid on action plan roads; bids will be ready for next meeting; Oscar and Ed have been patching up roads. They will be picking up the free material being offered from Jalapeño Tree. Mahindra-is being repaired. They are waiting on a part/motor.

John King-made a motion for recordings from meeting be posted on website; he wants to educate everyone on two words-conspiracy and collusion; Shawnee Circle-any sitting board member that owns property on a road that needs work vs. roads that they don’t own property on, should be given consideration first, to show the community that there is no special interest or special consideration being given; suggested hiring CPA to do financial report as he is unable to make sense of what is being provided; no mail in ballots, make it mandatory for in person voting.

John Cosmann – pass

Vince Paruccha – question on who votes and what they vote on; questioned if we own lot to north of dumpster; wants directors to keep everything above board and out in the open.

Charles Wolfer-drawing road names out of a hat rather than looking at worst roads first so that emergency vehicles can access them.

Jay Doughty-pass

Kevin Suire-

P-addressed Mr. Wolfer’s concern of how the roads were chosen.

P-addressed Mr. King regarding mail outs and the expense of approximately $3,000 for each mailing.

P-addressed Mr. Paruccha regarding voting and the clarification of the by-laws, by the attorney, three times the members are required to vote-annual election, removal of a director, and if the board wants to barrow money from the bank.

PSPD-under TPC the requirement for a notification of vote is a vote for an election; the votes other than the election (the change in the by-laws) are votes of the members in a meeting.

Vince Paruccha-suggested an agenda requiring a vote, be made available prior to the monthly meeting.

Robert Burroughs-questioned how Mahindra went from maintenance to needing a motor.

John King-hiring of Sheriff’s Department

Motion to adjourn