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November 2021

Cedar Creek Cove BOD and POA Minutes
November 13, 2021
BOD Meeting 9 am

In attendance
Calvin Jones – President
Bully – interim Roads Director
Martin Amgen – Vice President
John Kissane – Architectural Director
John Carroll – Sanitation Director
Christy Hanson – Financial Director
Karen Sanders – secretary/Business Manager
Oscar Batiz – Operations Director
lan Durnell was excused from attendance.

BM – discussed community clean up and the plan of twice a year (spring and fall).

FD – discussed the office inconsistancies and the progress we are making. The program limitations, account set-up, and account clean up was discussed. She discussed outsourcing the clean up/consolidation with someone outside of the community. VP motioned, AD second,
all in favor of looking into outsourcing. A/R was discussed as being up $10K as a result of consistent billing.

AD – Street sign installation was discussed. He proposed raising architectural fees in respect to severity/type of violation/permit. He will put together a proposed fee schedule. He would like to bring suit to derelict trailers/dwellings/properties according to the deed restrictions. FD discussed the plan of taking 5-6 properties through the small claims process.

SD – discussed owners bringing non-household garbage to the compactor. It was discussed
that we should allow it to the open top and it will have to be dumped more often.

POA Meeting 10 am

FD left the meeting following financial report and approval.

President opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

He asked Brother Johnny and Brother Scott to come forward to present a love offering to Loves Outreach on behalf of Cedar Creek Cove property owners association.

The minutes were accepted as written first by Sharon, 2nd by Oscar Batiz, no opposition.

The financial report was accepted first by Oscar Batiz and second by Sharon, no opposition.

John King addressed the board regarding the name change to Cedar Creek Cove stating that he is not a proponent of the change. The board addressed Mr. King stating that the idea of a name change was brought before the members at the August meeting and that the vote took place at the September meeting. It was further discussed that the minutes are posted on the website every month and are accessible to all members. Also, that the meetings are held on the Second Saturday of every month at the same time. It was discussed that the board would try to post an agenda on the website before each meeting, however, many topics get brought up at the meeting by members in attendance.

President recognized and acknowledged our veterans.

President proposed the idea of renaming the park as Veterans Park at Cedar Creek Cove to be voted on at a future meeting.

Mr. King was given the floor again and his concerns of illegal activities in the community were discussed and the proper authorities to notify. His suggestions of possible ways to deter illegal activity were discussed. He addressed the architectural Director regarding the process of building permits and codes. The architectural Director stated that he follows the state of Texas building code. He further discussed that in the state of Texas outside of municipalities, the county does not enforce building codes and does not have zoning authority. He stated that the law says you have to have inspections; a pre-pour inspection, a dry wall inspection, and a final inspection.

Jesse James addressed the Rhodes Director regarding his street. It was addressed that his road had been being worked on for a month, and his concern would be looked at again. Leroy and Michelle Worridge addressed the board with the proposal of bringing in a manufactured home greater than 10 years old. The board viewed pictures of the proposed unit. The board agreed to the Architectural Director’s recommendation, to allow the unit to be brought in with the permit stating the agreed improvements of professional installation, underpinning, and fresh exterior paint.

The president addressed the members regarding the roads explaining how the road fund works and the process of becoming county roads. He addressed that the appropriation of the funds are being discussed for a future meeting but legal counsel must take place first. He stated that there are 13 miles of roads that belong to CCC and 14 that belong to the county. Oscar Batiz explained to the members that the $50 road fee is for the county roads only. He proposed that the road fund fix and repair the roads belonging to the community if legally allowable.

There was ongoing conversation regarding generating revenue; collections of past dues, public uses of the community, etc. Architectural Director clarified the language of the Deed Restrictions in terms of community usages.