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October Special 2021

Board of Director’s Workshop
October 21, 2021

Meeting was called to order at 6:06

Martin Algren – Vice President
Bully Martinez – Roads Director
John Kissane – Arch Director
Christy Hanson – Finance Director
lan Durnell – Parks and Pools Director
Oscar Batiz – Operations Manager
Sharon Milner Property owner was also present

Calvin Jones
John Carrol
Karen Sanders

Martin brought up the Arch committee and how do we show partiality. Any permits that go to John Kissane will be approved by other board members. He will not approve his own permits.

  • web site and permits discussed
  • Form can fill out the form and application and submit online. Goes to an email.
  • In 2018 deed restrictions were added that a manufactured home 10 years or less.
  • Martin brought up the Tiny Home issue, which JK indicated is considered an RV which is legal by deed restriction terms.
  • JK indicated we need clear guidelines regarding our interpretation of the Deed Restrictions.
  • Questions regarding keys to the boat ramp.
  • The idea of turning the parks into short term RV parks.
  • The issue of the sign came up.
  • Questions regarding how the Road Fund can be used to repair the roads was discussed. Frustration expressed about waiting on the county since they have not taken on a road since 2016. Also, the county is not keeping their current roads in good repair.
  • JK buying new street signs for the subdivision
  • Action Items for the next meeting
  • Single Manager
  • Face Book Page
  • Interpretation of Deed Restrictions
  • Advertising Possibility of Advertising – paid on the website

Meeting adjourned at 7:48 pm