Properties For Sale

Properties For Sale

Section Lot # Lot Size Asking Price
Section B 464 0.08 $10,000 More Info
Section B 611 0.073 $10,000 More Info
Section E 923 50X103 $8,000 More Info
Section B 225 50x100 $12,500 More Info
Section C 253 9,104 sqft lot $19,500 More Info
Section C 254 8,015 sqft lot $18,500 More Info

CCCPOA highly recommends you consult a title company to manage the sell of any property. A title company will research:

  • Taxes Due
  • POA Fee’s Due
  • Title search
  • Property Lien
  • Property Survey

If you are unsure what you need please contact a title company.